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Loss of Smell

Did you lose your sense of smell? I have a tried & true protocol backed by research! Need help with sense of taste & smell recovery – It’s called Olfactory Training

Here’s the study:

You will take one of each of these oils listed below, ONE AT A TIME, and put a few drops on a cotton ball or cotton pad and inhale deeply 10 times. Do this twice a day for 12 weeks per the pubmed article.

While doing so, tell your brain what it smells like (or should smell like.)

Lemon: bright, fresh, tart, sour, refreshing, etc

Clove: fragrant, rich, round, fall, pie, etc

Eucalyptus: menthol, fresh, herbaceous, spa, etc

Rose (Rose Touch or pure Rose): Valentine’s, flowers, love, comforting, intoxicating, etc

In addition – order a copper tongue scraper off Amazon

to help renew your taste buds and kill bacteria

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(Most store oils are fragrance oils that are synthetic & could contain chemicals, make sure your using a tested safe brand)

Keep me posted on your results! Let me know if you have any questions – I’m always happy to help.

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