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    Loving Someone

    The purpose of loving someone is not to be loved in return, as love is something abundant that stems from inside of you, which you are gifting to another person. Your self-love is a well within you incapable of being emptied, and love is a never-ending flame, incapable of being put out. It is not something that you get or earn, it is not something that you must search for in the hope of one day finding, and it is not something that you lack and must extract from another person, but something you may share and radiate as you are love. Words by Tahlia Hunter Artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein

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    Sometimes We Love

    Sometimes we love And our hearts are broken We dream And our hopes are shattered We wish And our desires are unfulfilled We give freely And are left empty-handed And we care for others And aren’t loved in return And those who we once most admired and valued Do not reciprocate our affection. Sometimes we undergo a process of loss and heartbreak And are left feeling broken And lacking hope As we fail to realise That we are not destined to remain stuck in this cycle indefinitely And that in life Whoever lets go of us Leads us home Whoever rejects us Empowers us to embrace ourselves fully And someone’s…

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    Stay With Us

    oh my troubled lovely, oh my weeping daisy, oh my fading candle, oh my broken beauty, oh my crumbling stronghold, stay with us here on Earth don’t rapture yourself; ~ we need you – we need you – we need you – we need you before you decide to leave, sit with me here in your unmade self at the edge of your unmade bed and listen to me tell you one last secret oh my tearful songbird, if you can find a way to survive long enough someday you’ll become the answer to somebody else’s most desperate prayer by just being there in the same room that they are…