The truth is that people believe they know you

The truth is that people believe they know you, that you’re okay or that you’re in a position where you’re proud of yourself and optimistic about how things are going for you. They believe you’re fine because they interpret things based on their perception and connect certain facts they believe they are comfortable with to paint a picture of you based on their vision, unaware that this is all an illusion.

Because you are aware of how exhausted you are from having so many thoughts racing through your head, you are weary of showing empathy, you are tired of being the one who understands, and you are tired of the weight you are carrying inside your chest so you only divert on particular things in order to survive. And if you make just one error, all the good things you accomplished in the past is lost forever.

Let people misunderstood you

Allow people to perceive you negatively and incorrectly.

You’re living this life to be authentic and not to develop into a person who will meet everyone else’s standards.

You know yourself and your reality, and that is a sufficient reason to walk towards hope.

Take a deep breath, and I believe you can do it. All of your faith and courage will be rewarded someday. It will make sense.

— Balt

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